Privacy Policy

I take your privacy very seriously and deeply respect it. This is why none of my apps uses any 3rd party tracking or analytics services, such as Google Analytics or Microsoft App Center. No usage data whatsoever is being collected and stored, beyond the limited scope of what Apple's platforms do without me as a developer being able to do anything about it that is. But Apple's analytics is completely anonymized and highly limited anyway and collects statistics such as the overall number of app sessions or the number of installations of a specific app per month.

Rest assured that none of my apps will ever request or collect personal or individual-related information of any kind.

Please keep in mind that my apps are distributed exclusively via Apple's App Stores, such as the Mac App Store for macOS apps. You are strongly discouraged from ever using a binary package provided by and downloaded from a third party website, since the program may have been tampered with and contain malicous software. Which in turn may pose a grave security and privacy risk. And it's illegal.

Exceptions to this rule are small helper scripts like the Exchange Rates "Terminal Integration" package available on this website. It has to be distributed this way for technical reasons and can't be provided directly on the Mac App Store or as part of the app. These packages provided on this website come with a checksum, allowing you to verify their integrity (i.e. making sure they have not been tampered with) before using them.

By downloading and using one of my apps you agree to this privacy policy. Feel free to contact me if you should have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.

Last updated: May 31, 2024